This is OVR Strapping Systems

OVR Strapping Systems supplies a full specification of Strapping and Strap’s Accessories, can use various industries range and all products are manufactured in Korea as the superlative quality. Also, all Strapping manufacture by international standard and delivered to customers after full inspection. We are trying to find cost cutable factors in use strapping and we are providing solution to the customers. These efforts are connecting by competent result to the each other. We consider each customer's character and providing the fitest service and, If customers want our products, we will deliver our best, even if order quantity is small volume and wherever area.

And, at the engineering part for Strapping that manufactured by characteristic craftsmanship of Korean, and we are providing repair parts during 6 months by free service, if have problem in sold products.

We are hope that our small service one by ones are more approached to the better services and convenience for customer.

Steel Strapping

OVR Steel Strapping produces by the carbon steel of superlative quality in Korea and OVR Steel Strapping that is excellent for heavy duty package, and has various specifications steel strapping so that can use for any package purpose.

PET(Polyester) Strapping

OVR PET Strapping is safer when working with product that supplements weakness of other plastic Straps and hard workability of Metal Strapping and it is a product that can improve workability.

PP(Polypropylene) Strapping

OVR PP Strapping is anybody easy and can use safely for packaging and inexpensive, good quality packaging material which allows precise and safe packing of any materials and their fastening.

Metal Seals for Strapping

OVR Metal Seal produces by the low carbon steel of superlative quality in Korea and when have sealed on Strappings maintain stable sealing state.

Manual Tools for Strapping

OVR Manual tools are made passing each parts one by one precision processing and heat treatment in Korea. Also all tools are designed by human body engineering for strapping workability.