OVERITE Industrial Products.

Metal Products

Slited Steel Coil : The processing line cutting the strip with the designated width.
Thickness : 0.25mm ~ 3.5mm
Width : 20mm ~ 1000mm
Application : Carbon Steel coil(Crude,GI,EGI), Non-metal Steel Coil(Stainless, plated Steel, Copper, Aluminum)

Steel Sheet : The processing line cutting the sheet with the designated width.
Thickness : 0.25mm ~ 3.2mm
Width : 500mm ~ 1850mm
Length : 500mm ~ 2500mm
Application : Carbon Steel coil(Crude,GI,EGI), Stainless Steel Sheet, Aluminum

Press Worked Steel plate : Single process
Steel Wire
Full hard wire : Size 0.41mm ~ 14mm - T/S 32~127 kgf/mm2
Annealed wire : Size 0.91mm ~ 9mm - T/S 27~40 kgf/mm2.

Felt Fabric

The origine of a word 'Felt' comes from a Greek word, 'fulzen', which means 'adhere'. Felt is not made from weaving, thermal adhesion or use of adhesives, but with use of the 'scale' the characteristic aspect of pure wool, highly tensile 'climp' and 'Felt like character'.
With use of components such as humidity, pressure, friction, Felt is made by physically manipulated steps and has form of sheets.
·Felt, due to the characteristics of pure wool that may vary itself depending upon temperature and humidity, had been naturally found and has been developed, and also has very long history and wide range of use. In modern days, from materials used in textile art to automobile, aircraft, filter, even up to brightener, Felt is used in almost every areas.

Tube for Tire (Automobile)

  • Passenger Car Tubes (Bias)
  • 60 Series Passenger Car Tubes(Radial)
  • 70 Series Passenger Car Tubes(Radial)
  • Wide Base Tubes(Radial)
  • Wide Base Tubes(Bias)
  • Low Section Height Tubes
  • Light Truck Tudes(Radial)
  • Light Truck Tudes(Bias)
  • Truck and Bus Tubes(Radial)
  • Truck and Bus Tubes(Bias)
  • OFF the Road Tubes(TG&NHS)
  • OFF the Road Tubes
  • Farm
  • Industrial, Implement Tubes
  • Curing Tube
  • Reference for Valve
  • Retread Tire

Foam Board (POP and Art)

Our Promoting Foam Board Brand name is Union Foam Board, this products are exporting to United States, Australia, Japan by excellent quality.
Union Foam Board is manufacturing only Foam Board for 20 years in Korea. That much, Quality is more confident than any manufacturer of Korea.
Also, this product is harmless in human body and environment because do not use adhesives in the manufacturing process.

  • Standard Type (UFST100)
  • Adhesive Type (UFT501/T503)
  • Kraft Type (UFT200/250)
  • Clay – Coated Type (UFST300)
  • Laminating Type (LT501 Series)
  • Black Type (UFST/1000)

Recycle Material

  • Steel Scrap
  • Stainless Scrap
  • Aluminum Scrap
  • Washed PET flack
  • etc.