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We,OVERITE, are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and we continuously monitor our performance with the aim to improve that performance wherever practical to the benefit of the Company, its customers and the public.

Environmental strategy

We make every effort to meet and wherever possible exceed all relevant environmental legislation. We aim to supply eco-friendly based products that have been certified by a recognized certification authority including the FSC, PEFC, MTCC, CSA and SFI organizations.


We produce our products in 100% recyclable material. Redundant office equipment is sent to charities for use in schools and other institutions.

Energy conservation

We are investing in improved warehouse roof windows to allow the use of natural light in lieu of electric light. We have a policy to ensure that all electrical equipment is switched off when not in use for a reasonable period of time such as lighting, computer monitors, and fork lift truck chargers. Consumption of electricity, oil and gas are regularly monitored.


We try to minimize the CO2 emission in our production line. We are reviewing the use of bio diesel with our fleet of commercial vehicles and cars.

In our offices

We strive to reduce our waste by Recycling paper and metal (cans, strapping, cutoffs) Minimize printing (markup and distribute documents electronically) Minimize travel (utilize online video conferencing & conference calls whenever possible)